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Six Months Ago

Today marks the six-month anniversary of my total gastrectomy, and I have to say I have no regrets whatsoever. My quality of life has improved so much–there’s no vomiting, no gastric tubes to be infected and sore, no constant nausea … Continue reading

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About Jenn

While pursuing my literary and professional goals, I managed a severe form of gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach) for six years, later complicated by full GI failure and a nonspecific autonomic failure of unknown etiology. In August of 2010, I … Continue reading

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Can It ALL Be Coincidence?

This week a very friendly and gracious reader commented on my blog, and made me think (again) that maybe there’s a single overarching systemic problem that explains the multiple disorders and syndromes and symptoms I have. Greg and I have … Continue reading

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