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Stories from my life experiences, past and present.

Tolkien, Grilled Salmon, and Specialty Burgers

Since my husband is known as an international J.R.R. Tolkien expert (having written two books on the subject), we were often invited to conferences centered around Tolkien and his great body of work. Quite often, these conferences are magnets for … Continue reading

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Just Tell Me Where I’m Going Before I Tell You Where to Go

Living with chronic illness is kind of like living in a hospital gown: it’s not made for comfort, it’s conspicuous, and there’s always a discomfiting breeze in regions not accustomed to regular air circulation. Continue reading

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Praying for Osama

Like most people, Osama bin Laden’s death and the subsequent behaviors of people have left me with more words than I can ever write or say. Our opinions are so strong, so inflexibly rigid and unbreakable, that we forget we … Continue reading

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