Poetry: Brother

Four fingers
Sleeping soundly in the balmy bed of
Big Brother’s palm.
Too young to savor the moment.
Bask in the sun-like warmth of Big Brother’s love.

Awakened by a cloudy cold
Fog droplets like so many icy pins prickling
The still-sleepy skin –
Cold, open, exposed – Alone?

Four fragile fingers
Packaged in papyrus skin
Cradled safely in helpless hands.
Youth begets an ancient babe
Downy-haired and weak
And vices for fingers.
Holder now held
Heat so heavy
Frantic hands flee from the fire.
Papyrus peels away, ash by ash
By ash.

Senseless fingers
Numbed by nakedness
Seek sleep among the cinders.

Four fingers cautiously creep toward four more
Skin senses skin
Each holds the other
Big, small, older, younger
Cease –

Blessed rest.

About Jenn

While pursuing my literary and professional goals, I managed a severe form of gastroparesis (paralysis of the stomach) for six years, now complicated by full GI failure and a nonspecific autonomic failure of unknown etiology. In August of 2010, I finally had my stomach removed (total gastrectomy) to stop the 24/7 nausea and to lessen the risk of spreading infection to my central IV line (port-a-cath), as both of my gastric tubes (one G-tube in my stomach; one J-tube in my small intestine) were chronically–and extremely painfully–infected for longer than a year. I couldn’t possibly have survived the six-plus years of TPN (IV nutrition), surgeries, new (and unrelated) diagnoses, and being forced to go on disability without my amazingly supportive, encouraging, adoring, patient Care Partner and husband, Greg (married 1999)… Who reminds me of the unconditional, perfect love of God as shown through His Son, Jesus. My writing credits include The Da Vinci Code Adventure and Two Roads Through Narnia as well as several movie review compilations. Not all of the entries are health-related. My conditions have finally settled into a quasi-normal routine. There will be ebbs and flows, but I am still active, and plan to live as long as I’m alive.
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